Mark Dawson

Creative Sound Designer with over 15 years

experience recording live sound for TV.

Passionate about sound and video games.

Currently employed as a Main Boom Operator

at Lime Pictures.

Saved my company valuable time and

resources by recommending new types of


Favourite games include:

Bloodborne, Gears of war, Hellblade, Crash

Bandicoot, Overwatch, Battlefield, The

Persistence, Returnal, and of course



Foundation degree in Sound Design.
Expert knowledge of DAW’s in particular Reaper
and its scripts to create unique AAA standard
original SFX.
Strong understanding of implementing audio into
Unreal Engine and Unity using Wwise and FMOD.
Great knowledge of Unreal Engine Blueprint
Ability to work to tight deadlines.
Fantastic communication skills.

I became a sound nerd around the age of 9 when me and my friends used to record our own radio shows in my basement.

I started making my own music shortly after and eventually enrolled in a music technology course in Liverpool after I graduated from school.

Once I earned a diploma in music technology I travelled to London to start my degree in Sound Design at Ravensbourne University.

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