Unreal Engine 5 Sound Design Demo Reel

My Unreal Engine 5 Demo Reel that I made during my time at The School of Video Game Audio. The featured game is ‘Valley of the Ancient’. On the course I learnt how to do the following:

Create Blueprints,

Implement audio using Metasounds,

Debug audio,

Make functions & Macros,

Use Reverb volumes, and Convolution reverb techniques,

Use Audio Volumes,

Implement Procedural sound design and Synthesis.

Wwise Demo Reel

The featured game is a Wwise and Unity project called 3D Game Kit.

I Created all of the SFX and music using the following:

Tascam DR-05 recorder

Rode NTG2

Various household items and props

Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live 10, and Reaper

Digi 003

I completed the Demo Reel for the final assignment at the School of Video Game Audio Wwise course.

Overrun Animation Sound Redesign

This is a sound redesign of the popular and fantastic Overrun animation.

I created all of the sound and music.

Half Sound Intro Logo SFX

I created the sound design for this logo animation on behalf of the Half Sound Brewery company.